When I’m at a jewelry show, one of the things I love most is interacting with people. I enjoy hearing about what items catch someone’s eye, what they like seeing, and learning more unique perspectives I can incorporate into my jewelry designs.

Regardless of what show it is, I often get several frequently asked questions that tend to repeat themselves. In an effort to answer these questions for any online customers, here are several Fifth Essence Jewelry FAQs I hear about my handmade jewelry designs.

Do you use sterling silver in your jewelry designs?

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as it appears; the answer is yes and no.

In any design that I metalsmith, I work with sterling silver. This is because the gemstones that I use demand silver. But mostly, I love working with sterling silver in my metal jewelry designs. Know that when you buy a design I have metalsmithed it is made with sterling silver.

As to my beaded jewelry designs, sometimes the designs use sterling silver, sometimes it is silver fill, and sometimes it is not silver at all. I will always specify which designs incorporate sterling silver or silver fill, but if I don’t say anything about the metal it means that the metal is not silver. I do this to help keep the price down on the designs, and also because sometimes the chain is just as fun even though it’s colored metal.

If you ever have questions about the metal, feel free to ask. If you ever want something customized with sterling silver, you can also ask. I’m happy to answer questions and customize as appropriate.

Do you work with gold?

No, I don’t at this time. I haven’t worked with gold before so I’m not sure how it will react to the heat. And I haven’t had the funds to invest in some gold to practice. That being said, this could change in the future.

What supplies do you work with?

Again, this depends on the specific design. I have my favorite vendors for jewelry making to supply me with gemstones, jewelry findings, and high-quality beads. I strive to use high-quality materials.

Can the size be customized?Do you do repairs?

Like many of my other answers, it depends on the jewelry design. If something breaks on a metal design that isn’t made from silver, fixing it will be a challenge. There are also some techniques that I simply don’t know well enough to fix. This includes any design with faceted stones. If you ask about repairs expect several questions from me before you receive a straight answer. The last thing I want to do is make your design worse than how I found it.

Can you work with me on a custom order?

I love this question because the answer is easy: yes! I love working with individuals to create meaningful jewelry designs. While jewelry can accent an outfit, it can also carry tremendous meaning. Working with you to craft something you’ll treasure for years to come is one of the things I love most about designing jewelry.

Hopefully, your Fifth Essence Jewelry FAQs have been answered

What other questions do you have about my jewelry designs? Share them below in the comments. I’d love to answer all of them!

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