I was featured in the December/January issue of Beadwork magazine with my Winter Sparkle Necklace project. But before that, I’ve been very fortunate to have several designs published in Jewelry Stringing magazine over the past several years. When I worked for Interweave as a marketing director, when the editors realized they needed a last-minute project for a certain section, I made the shortlist to help create those filler projects.

Each design had its own story and design process. Here’s a bit more about each of my published items and how I created the look.

Stylish in Silver

The silver necklace was the first item I was asked to create, for 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings. The key was that I had to create something that was monochromatic, and mostly silver. After looking through the magazine stash, I found some artistic chain and went back to create the asymmetrical design. I had never created anything like it in the past, and with this necklace, a new style of designing was born.

Petals & Pebbles Necklace

This was the second design that I submitted to the magazine. I created this necklace by matching fluorite gemstone beads with a shell pendant that included engraved flower accents to create a springtime look. I actually created this design before it was published, and was able to fit it into the 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings issue that was published the year following my first design. I still reach for this necklace to add a fun accent, especially during the springtime.

Fancy Filigree

Black is one of my favorite colors. When I found the matching filigree accents in the stash, I knew they would look great paired with black onyx gemstones. I used my wireworking technique to create the top strand for visual interest. I fell in love with this design and was so excited when the magazine unveiled a black theme in an upcoming issue. I knew this would work perfectly.

Chevron Stardust

This issue published the year that rose gold came to prominence. This was another instance where the magazine didn’t get quite enough entries and they asked me to create a design to fill the theme. I found several beautiful rose gold beads and elements on Etsy and chose these fun triangle beads as the accent. I especially love the way the color looked paired with leather.

Gleam and Glitz Necklace

Again, the magazine needed something to fit the theme that was “mirror-like”. I did a bit of searching on Etsy and found these perfect hematite stones with a reflective surface that was ideal. Normally, the a-symmetry of the beads would have been hard for me to design with, but I embraced the unique shapes and added crystal glass beads in between to space the stones out. I loved the end result of this beautiful necklace, and it found a home with one of my friends.

Summer Soiree

When the magazine needed an entry for a theme centered around druzy stones I knew I had just the thing. I found a gorgeous strand of white stones that were lightly coated and gorgeous at the Tucson Shows. I set to create a necklace that was a bit different, but the end result was never something I loved. I again went for the three-strand necklace, but instead matched crystals, gemstones and accent chain together. The end result was pretty, but it didn’t’ end up lasting long after I got it back. The Druzy Stones converted into my (https://www.etsy.com/listing/785171085/dramatic-druzy-snow-white-necklace?ref=shop_home_active_1&frs=1) Dramatic Druzy Snow White necklace, and the chain and crystals became a different three-strand necklace that found its home long ago.

Mookaite Sunset

When the magazine needed one more copper design for a copper theme, I stretched my design perspective. After looking in the stash room I found some gorgeous mookaite gemstones and elegant copper chain. I matched both together with leather straps, and this necklace was born. It was dramatic and lovely.

Magazine Jewelry Designs

It’s always a fun exercise for me to challenge creativity and make something different. Which project is your favorite? Share below in the comments!

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  1. What an amazing story this is and the collections are also amazing, Thank you so much for sharing this with us and letting us know your art, will surely share this with my friends and family as well.

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