Winter, like all seasons, presents a new wardrobe to accessorize. This season is marked by thick layers that require bold accents to stand up. That may be why I reach for items that really stand out this time of year. And, in many cases, the accessories I grab are white or silver. “Winter white,” as I’ve dubbed the color, is perfect for the season. Here are a few of my favorite winter jewelry designs that are perfect for this time of the year.

Bolder winter jewelry designs

Because many winter looks involve layers, and bulky looks, having jewelry that can stand up is key. My Icy Lake Dendritic Opal Necklace released with my Icy Lake winter jewelry collection is the ultimate winter accessory with three strands of dendritic opal gemstones that can stand out, no matter how many layers you’re wearing it with. Plus, dendritic opal reminds me of a landscape after a snowstorm, so it’s perfect for the winter.

If you want something with a bit more shine, my White Winter Beaded Necklace is perfect. The silver and white accents make this fun design ideal for the winter season.

Simple winter jewelry designs

Sometimes, it’s easier to have simple designs accompany your bold winter looks. In this case, I typically reach for something that sparkles, similar to freshly fallen snow. My Marrakech Bling Necklace is great because it offers a unique shape along with the shine. Are you looking for something different than a necklace? My Icy Bling Ring is a great way to add some shine and pop to a look. Plus, it’s adjustable so it will fit any ring size.

If you like the look of the dendritic opal but want something less pronounced, the Majestic Mountain Necklace is perfect. Two dendritic opal gemstones accompany a bold silver mountain shape. This sterling silver necklace is great for winter; truthfully, it’s great all year long.

Favorite winter jewelry designs

What jewelry do you find yourself reaching for during the colder months? Share your favorites below in the comments!

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