Every fall I find myself searching out the Pantone colors to inspire my designs. But for whatever reason, I don’t find myself doing the same in the spring. This year, I turned to Pantone to see what their spring 2019 Pantone colors were.

Unlike the Fall 2018 Pantone colors, the Spring 2019 Pantone colors are much warmer and vibrant, which completely makes sense. For someone who often navigates towards those cooler hues, thinking about how to incorporate these warmer colors into my designs has been a very interesting excercise. Regardless, here are the Spring 2019 Pantone colors I’m excited about incorporating into my jewelry designs.

Sweet Lilac

I always want to use more light-pinks into my designs, and this hue may be the spark I need

Princess Blue

I couldn’t help myself; I had to choose one cool color, and especially one that is my favorite color. This hue has bright and vibrant undertones that help make it pop, perfect for the spring season. I look forward to incorporating this blue hue into my designs.

Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is bold. In fact, it’s closer to a magenta. I’ve had fun incorporating magenta into my jewelry designs recently, so this hue spoke to me immediately. Magenta pairs well with silver, black, and would balance well with blues. Designing with this color affords me so many exciting options.

Living Coral

Living Coral isn’t only the 2019 Pantone color of the year, but it’s a hue that challenges my design aesthetic. I already created a necklace in this hue for my Pretty in Pink jewelry collection and loved mixing this vibrant pink color with gold. This color combination is ideal for the warmer months.

2019 Spring Pantone Colors in jewelry designs

I enjoy pushing myself as a designer and can’t wait to work more with these colors. Which colors are you excited to incorporate in your designs? Share your favorite hues below in the comments!

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