The changing seasons is inspiring to me and often to my jewelry designs. But what I especially like about the fall is the changing of the wardrobes and the different colors that come out. For me at least, light hues are replaced by darker ones and changing necklines.

As usual, the Fall 2018 Pantone colors are leading the way this season and offers a wide array of colors. Here are a few of my favorites for this season.

Red Pear

I’m a sucker for a nice deep red in the fall and winter. Red pear doesn’t disappoint and it fills my deep desires. The hue is gorgeous and would make a wonderful accent color with bronze or silver metals.

Quetzal Green

Quetzal green is reminiscent of shaded spruce, one of Pantone’s fall jewelry trends 2017 color hues. I adore the deep hue of this green and how bold it is. Beyond the color itself, I see this color as one that would work both in the fall, and as a great accent in the warmer months too, lending itself well as a pairing well with both silver and gold components.

Crocus Petal

I often forget that lighter hues are ok for the cooler months too. Crocus petal reminds me that pale purple is an acceptable fall color, and offers a contrast to the bolder colors with its light feminine touch. Paired with greys and whites, I see this being an elegant color for the cooler seasons ahead.

Do you have a favorite from the Fall 2018 Pantone Color Trends? Share yours below in the comments!

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