I love being inspired by the color trends Pantone selects for each season. That’s why I check in each fall and spring to see what the experts predict will be the hottest colors of the season. This spring is no exception, so I’m excited to share my favorite Spring Pantone color trends I plan to incorporate into my jewelry designs.

Pastel Lilac

In the heart of spring, the lilac trees bloom in Colorado. Beyond the fragrant sweet smell which permeates the area around them, the pastel color is simply beautiful. As I craft my annual spring jewelry collection I couldn’t imagine using any other color as my inspiration.

Chambray Blue

Chalcedony is one of my favorite gemstones to design with. I love the pastel blue color and how much it feels like spring. This color also compliments the pastel lilac color well (along with several others picked by Pantone as well) so I see many elegant combinations with this color.

Desert Flower & Lemon Drop

I always want to balance cooler colors with warmer hues. This light pink color and pastel yellow both accent these and add the necessary pop of color.

Mint & Marlin

With so many pastel colors I was pleased to see some more vibrant hues included as well. They help balance the palette and elevate it beyond the easter holiday. And, they add a color depth for the spring and summer seasons.

Elements that Incorporate the Spring Pantone Colors

As always, gemstones are some of my favorite places to find inspiration. Chambray blue matches chalcedony perfectly, and I love incorporating these stones into my spring jewelry designs. Blue porcelain agate and larimer are other stones that pair well for this color. On the other spectrum of blue is Marlin. For this color, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and dumortierite all match this deeper blue hue.

Yellow jade and citrine are great color matches for Lemon Drop. And peach rhodonite and rhodochrosite are excellent color matches. Amethyst matches pastel lilac almost perfectly. There are so many great gemstone options to match the 2024 Pantone spring color choices the design possibilities are endless!

Designing with the Spring Pantone Colors

As always, the color selections are versatile for a reason, it leaves a lot of design possibilities. All colors would work well with gold and silver metals, with rose gold pairing well with the warmer hues. Adding leather or other fabrics is another nice way to add a pop of color.

Favorite 2024 Spring Pantone Colors

As I revisit past spring jewelry collections I’ve created I’m especially excited to begin working with these colors in my upcoming spring jewelry collection. Which of the 2024 spring Pantone colors are your favorite? Share your thoughts below in the comments.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about my favorite Spring Pantone color trends. Read my posts from 2019,2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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