When the seasons change, I find myself searching for new color palettes to fit the seasons. It’s also this time of the year that I look at the Pantone Spring 2021 Colors to see which would be the best to incorporate with my springtime jewelry designs. As usual, I found a few colors that spoke to me more than others (this is something I’ve begun to do annually, so here are my 2020 Spring Pantone picks and my 2019 Spring Pantone color picks for reference). Without further ado, here are the Pantone Spring 2021 colors I look forward to using in my jewelry designs this spring and summer season.

Raspberry Sorbet

I’m in love with Raspberry Sorbet, a bright pink hue that screams fun to me! The vibrant color would be the perfect accent to gold metals and paired with the right colors, could even evoke a fun tropical vibe (hello Illuminating). I can also see this color working well with silver and gunmetal too for a toned-down design. I’ll have to peruse my stash of cherry quartz and rhodonite to match this vibrant hue.


The light blue, almost grey color of Cerulean screams spring to me. There’s something about the crisp cool that reminds me of many Colorado Springs, which take more time to warm up than other areas of the country. I can also see this color being the perfect cool tone during the hot summer months. Stones that match include iolite, larimar, and even labradorite.

Burnt Coral

It’s rare for me to like two hues of pink, but the burnt coral is equally exciting. This lighter, not as in-your-face pink reminds me of the 2019 Pantone Color of the year Living Coral but with a bit more depth and bite. Coral isn’t just a great color, but also a fun material to work with, so I can think of no better way to design with this inspiration than by using coral. And this material feels so summer-esque with the vibrant bold color.

Green Ash

Green Ash is a pale green that to me, perfectly evokes the fresh growth of spring. Not only can this stand up well on its own, but I can see it working wonderfully with several of the other colors I choose from the list of 2021 Spring Pantone colors.

Pantone Spring 2021 Color Trends

Are you hunting for even more inspiration this season? You’re in luck; Pantone released additional Pantone color trends that may speak to you. Personally, Summer Bouquet is one of my favorites.
Which Pantone Spring 2021 colors were your favorites? I’d love to hear more about which colors inspired you most in the comments below.

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