I love the fall. It’s the way the weather gets cooler. It’s the colors associated with the season. It’s even several of the 2020 fall Pantone Colors. As usual, here are a few that I’m especially excited about working within my jewelry designs.

Magenta Purple

Magenta purple is a rich color that I know will pop against the cooler colors like silver, white, and blue. That’s what excites me the most about it. It’s bold, it grabs the attention, and I see the design possibilities as endless.

Fired Brick

I don’t often design with reds, but I love working with the color in the fall, likely because of the deep red leaves that I see changing around me. Fired brick isn’t your typical red, it’s one of those rich red colors, that nears burgundy. It also feels much deeper than many of the red colors Pantone has selected the last few years. That may be why I’m especially excited to explore the possibilities of this color. I see it mixing well with bronze and golds alike, and even popping against copper.

Peach Nougat

The Peach Nougat hue reminds me of Creme de Peache, one of my favorite 2019 Pantone Fall colors. I happened to invest in a few different bead options in this color, and the light-pink goes surprisingly well with golds, teals, and darker-hued reds, making it the perfect balance for fall and winter jewelry designs. I look forward to exploring more.

Classic Blue

Classic blue is not only the 2020 Pantone color of the year but a really nice rich color for the fall and winter months. I’ve had a lot of fun pairing blue with silver accents, but the fun of the fall season is pairing blue with golds, coppers, brass, and bronze. What’s so exciting about classic blue is that this bold color can easily stand up to these richer metal colors. I’m excited about experimenting.

2020 Fall Pantone Colors

My autumn collection is work that I look forward to exploring each year, and I especially enjoy incorporating the Pantone colors of the season. Which of the Pantone-selected colors are you excited about designing with? Share your favorite hues below in the comments!

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