Every year, the changing seasons allow jewelry designers to create items that fit the weather and the trends. With fall arriving September 22, plan ahead by diving into the fall 2021 jewelry trends early. As I researched the trends for the upcoming season to incorporate into my jewelry collections, I was inspired by a few of the trends. Here are a few of my favorite fall jewelry trends I hope to incorporate into my newly created jewelry.

Sparkly Dangle Earrings

One of the 2021 fall jewelry trends I’m the most excited about is the sparkle earrings trend. I find that both myself, and my customers, always love something that has a sparkle to it, so this trend is one that I’ll be sure to incorporate with my fall season jewelry designs.


Similarly, jewelry that has a fringe look is in vogue for the fall season. Add fringe to earrings, or necklaces for a design that has movement and can layer different materials together.

Body Jewelry

With health restrictions lifting, festivals are returning. Unconventional body jewelry is a top searched item. Expand your offerings with anklets, unconventional earrings, even jewelry for the waist.

Statement Earrings

Who said that earring designs have to be conventional. Use polymer clay to create large, chunky dangle earrings that take up space. If you’re looking for something with unlimited creativity, this is one of the jewelry trends that offers the most creative opportunities

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2021

While I was researching the fall trends for 2021, I was inspired by several myself. Which trends inspired you? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

Blog photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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