I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes during the workday I find myself taking a quick break from my marketing work to look at beautiful beads. With fall in full swing, I’ve been especially interested in the fall jewelry trends 2017 holds. I have to say that of everything I’ve seen so far this season, I’m particularly inspired by the Pantone 2017 fall color palettefor this season.

When I saw the full palette selection I was so excited for the jewelry design possibilities. Instead of just focusing on the stereotypical colors of the fall, I particularly appreciated the way Pantone included unexpected cooler colors. Here are the colors I’m especially excited about including in my fall jewelry designs and how I plan to mix them with other fall inspirations I found in my stash.

Tawny Port

This lovely rich red-purple is equal parts exciting and inspirational. I love how this color walks the line between a cooler hue and a fall leaf color. I’ve seen something similar in my mookaite bead strand mix and through experimentation I’ve learned that this color mixes particularly well with copper accents.

Navy Peony

Blue is one of my favorite colors and this lovely dark blue is no exception. In fact, seeing this color included in the list gives me the excuse to continue to design with this color. Golds pair particularly well with this rich color and both colors together look good for the fall season, and even the approaching winter.

Shaded Spruce

This hue is probably my favorite that Pantone introduced. I absolutely love the richness of this color, and it is very multidimensional; I see it mixing well with golds, coppers, and even silver for a cooler hue perfect for the colder winter months.

Ballet Slipper

Pink and I have a very tumultuous relationship filled with ups and downs. I love the pale pink color, but it almost makes me pause and think of spring more than fall. Maybe this conflict is why Pantone selected the color. Regardless, this shade mixes so well with other colors in the lineup, and can easily be made fall-forward when mixed with any of the others.

As I look at these lovely colors together I can see that combining them all will create a truly lovely end design. Which of the 2017 Fall Pantone colors are your favorites? Which fall jewelry trends 2017 has introduced inspired you the most? Share below in the comments!

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