Every autumn, when the temperatures dip I find fall jewelry inspiration all around me. There are certain parts of the fall season that inspire my handmade jewelry. Here are a few things I find inspiring about the fall.

Leaves and how they change colors

In my opinion, spring has nothing on fall in terms of color. The way the leaves change from a monochromatic green to orange, yellow, and reds is endlessly inspiring to me. These are the hues I pull into my unique handcrafted jewelry designs in my fall-inspired jewelry.

Crisp blue skies

Nothing beats a crisp cool morning where you can see the fall leaves in their vibrant glory against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky. In the fall, the sky seems bluer and I think that is why the vibrant leaves stand out even more. This natural scene is likely why I reach for blues in a variety of hues to accent the rich coppers, golds, and reds that I naturally am drawn to in the autumn.

Fall Produce

Rarely do I talk about food and how it inspires my designs, but stick with me for this one. Pumpkins and other squash thrive in the fall. Everything from the color combinations to their shape can be used for inspiration. Another seasonal crop filled with color is corn. The native blends have yellow, purples, and deep orange hues, colors that work seamlessly together but aren’t immediately paired together. I can see endless applications for these colors in the future fall necklaces.

Fall jewelry making inspiration

There is something to love about every season and finding inspiration for creating custom jewelry. Fort Collins in the fall speaks to me as a designer. See how this inspiration translates into jewelry with my Autumn-inspired collections. Shop now!

Photo by Greg Shield on Unsplash

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