Fall is a magical time where the weather gets cool and crisp, the days are bright, and the leaves change colors creating a colorful scene that rivals spring. Also during this season comes a change in colors. The 2019 Fall Pantone colors are one guide that jewelry designers can use for the shift in seasons.

As usual, Pantone found a few hues that speak to my jewelry design style. Here are four fall 2019 Pantone colors that I’m the most excited about incorporating into my jewelry designs this season:


Bluestone blue reminds me of cooler weather clouds. The mix of blue and grey really speaks to me and evokes the cooler weather of these seasons. I could see this color mixing well with whites, blacks, golds and browns for well-balanced jewelry designs.


As long as I’ve been writing about my favorite Fall Pantone hues they’ve had a beautiful dark green to include with their fall lines that I immediately fall in love with. The 2018 fall Pantone hue was Quetzal Green. The eden color included this year is no exception. I foresee myself mixing this color with leather, gold accents, or my favorite silver.

Rocky Road

I love a rich brown in the fall and winter seasons. Rocky road is a true rich color that can work well as beads, leather, or other elegant accents. I could see this color working well as a long necklace to match with a favorite cozy sweater and a pair of boots.

Biking Red

I personally love dark and rich purples during the cooler months. Biking red is one of those colors that has a lot of depth and richness that excites me. The possibilities seem endless with this color, working well as accent earrings or a rich necklace.

Fall 2019 Pantone colors that inspire me

I’m excited to dig in and create with these rich colors for the upcoming fall season. What fall 2019 Pantone colors speak most to you? Share your favorite hute below in the comments.

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