Email remains the best way to communicate with your customers. This being said, it’s estimated that email users will top 3 billion by 2020. So how do you capture your audience’s attention with all this competition? Start with a clearly designed email campaign.

Here’s a list of eight email design tips any marketer can use as a foundation of effective communication.

#1 Alignment

Proper alignment adds purpose and a sense of organization to your message. To use this effectively, make sure the text, images, and other elements align in a pleasing way. Anything else could distract them from your message and intended action.

#2: Proximity

Proximity between elements creates a relationship and helps group like ideas. This grouping can help readers better understand the overall message. .

When you design an email with the proper alignment and proximity in mind, it will help those who skim your content understand and act.

#3: Imagery

Having effective images that support your main goal is important. For this reason, incorporating images is important. Just remember that 43% of Gmail emails are viewed with the images turned off. Include relevant alt text so those readers still understand what the image is trying to convey.

Added tip: make sure you’re writing successful calls-to-action within the body text and keeping them outside the images for those who view emails with their images turned off.

#4: White Space

White space refers to the space around each element in your email. It adds breathing room and can help increase comprehension by up to 20%. Use white space to help different elements, like buttons, headlines, images, and offers stand out and be easily digestible by your audience.

#5: Emphasis

Help your important messages stand out by adding emphasis to a different color, bolding, or making the size larger. That being said, don’t overemphasize within your email because then nothing will be emphasized.

#6: Color

Color is important; it can help add emphasis to your message and can help you convey a tone in your communication. That being said, don’t go too color crazy. Ensure that your colorful elements complement one another and don’t detract from your message.

#7: Fonts

It’s important to select the right font for your email. Don’t go too font crazy. Remember that you want to be sure that your text is easy to read and that it sends the right message. So, be sure to select the right font to get your point across.

#8: Hierarchy

In most cases, people skim emails. For this reason, it’s important to organize your content in a way that the meaning and action are crystal clear. Successful email designers use hierarchy to influence user behavior, convince subscribers to click, set expectations, and enhance comprehension.

Use these eight email design tips to help your message be as clear as possible. What design tips do you use for your campaigns? Share them below in the comments.

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