different inspiration. Jewelry making is so influenced by what I see in the world around me. Whether it’s what someone is wearing or what I see in the stores I often find myself wanting to replicate what I’ve seen when I sit down at my bench.

Often in my jewelry designs, I try to do more. I add beads, a pendant, leather, and silver into a design that is beautiful and different inspirations jewelrycomplex. Sometimes I need to remind myself that less is more when I design jewelry.

I have so many different components in my studio that it’s impossible to see everything at once. This can often overwhelm me, but when I remember what I’ve seen recently that’s inspired me, I’m better able to cut through my options and focus on a design.

Yesterday I saw a filigree I’ve had on my table for a while, and I also saw some charms I purchased in bulk for a friends wedding. I remembered some stacked pendant charms I saw in the store and thought these two would go well together. Stacked charm pendants may not be the newest trend, but I think that the simplicity here speaks for itself. Paired with a blue bead for some color to break up the silver and I think I’m really onto something here.

I’m still not sure what this will turn into, but I think it’s going to be beautiful in its own way. Share your thoughts or ideas in the comments!

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