Every season has its own trends and styles and that includes your wedding jewelry. When you’re planning a wedding for a particular season, one of the first factors is the colors and the decor you choose to incorporate into your special day. But what many brides don’t know is that these two decisions can be the springboard to creating custom wedding jewelry for my brides.

Here are a few design and color recommendations I use when designing custom wedding jewelry in different seasons.

Winter Weddings

Winter is the season for cooler temps and richer colors. Because the landscape is in hibernation, many of the standout colors are richer greens to match evergreens, deep blues to match clear winter skies and the crisp whites of freshly fallen snow. Because it’s colder, many brides will opt for long dresses with accessories to keep their ladies warmer.

Jewelry in deep, rich colors matches this season well. This includes deep reds, emerald greens, blacks, whites, and blues. Silver metal hues tend to match most of these colors well, and also match the cooler seasons but you could add elegant gold for true standout designs. Because this season begs for layers and longer lengths, chinkier jewelry pairs perfectly to help the colors stand out better, and some brides may even opt for longer necklace lengths depending on the neckline. Depending on sleeves, bracelets may not work as well for winter weddings.

Springtime Nuptials

Spring is the season of rebirth. The weather begins to slowly warm reducing the amount of snow on the ground and allowing the hibernating plants to begin to bloom again. While the early part of the season isn’t much different from winter, by the end of the season flowers have bloomed and the earth has come alive once again. With such a range, the temperatures and the style of dress that bridesmaids wear also vary. Both longer dress lengths for cooler temps and shorter dresses for warmer days work well in spring.

For springtime weddings, match your colors to those you see around you. Pick soft and delicate gemstone colors to blend in seamlessly with the scenery around you. With such a wide array of colors, silvers, rose golds, and even golds pair nicely for spring wedding jewelry. Necklaces will be determined by the dress necklines, but warmer temps allow for additional accessories including bracelets, rings, and even earrings. Pull in floral elements to match the season for fun jewelry designs.

Summer Weddings

During the summer, the landscape has come into full bloom and nature is in its full glory. This is the season of vibrant bolder colors and warmer temperatures. Match the weather by selecting rich colors that feel tropical and light. Pick dresses with lighter silhouettes to match the season.

Summer has no limitations on colors. And much like colors, all metals also seem to work well in the summertime. What you choose will depend on your wedding colors and dress necklines. With warmer temperatures, most brides will opt for updos for their bridesmaids, which can allow for fun wedding-themed earring sets in addition (or in place of) necklaces.

Fall Celebrations

Autumn is the most popular wedding season, and for good reason. The changing colors light up the landscape with reds, oranges, yellows, and rich browns. While many think spring is the season of colors, autumn is equally rich in color. With cooler temperatures, some areas may experience snowfall that adds contrast and beauty to the scene around. The cooler temperatures also allow for fun accessories to keep your ladies warm

Gold, copper, and rose gold are all colors that pair perfectly with the fall colors of red, orange, yellow, brown, and even teal. Fall also offers fun natural elements like leaves that make for great additions to jewelry.

Wedding jewelry for every season

No matter when you’re planning to say “I do,” each season presents unique design considerations. Whichever season you prefer, you can design custom wedding jewelry to match. Finding someone who can help bring your vision to life is key. I’d love to help you design custom wedding jewelry for your special day. Get started today.

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