Winter is the season for rest and rejuvenation. The days get shorter, and the nights longer with colder days filled with snow. For me, there’s something magical about the colder temps and the season as a whole. I find a lot of winter jewelry inspiration each and every year.

During the colder season, jewelry is a great way to express personal style and add a touch of glamor to your winter outfits. Whether you’re adding the bold colors of winter, adding more natural designs, or making a statement with your jewelry, here are the top winter jewelry trends.

Incorporate a Winter Color Palette

In winter, colors are bold. Think of the bright reds, true white snow, deep green evergreens, even a bright blue sky. Taking advantage of these bold colors is a great way to embrace the season. Personally, I like mixing the whites and bright blues together to create vibrant jewelry that will stand out during the winter season.

Winter Gemstone Inspiration

To match the vibrant winter color palettes, there is no better way to honor the winter season than by wearing jewelry with vibrant gemstones. Sapphires, lapis lazuli, garnet, emeralds, or malachite; these are perfect gemstones to include in bold and beautiful winter jewelry designs. Or, if you want to match the vibrant white of the snow, quartz, or white howlite are great gemstones to work with.
Not only are gemstones great for adding a pop of color to your jewelry designs, they’re also great at adding sophistication to your look.

Romantic Winter Jewelry Trends

Romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, but for the full winter season. This season, jewelry with rosettes, bows, and florals are in, and a great way to add nature and color into the season and beat the winter blues!

Layered Necklaces

With the cold weather, layering up isn’t just for your clothing. Layering up your jewelry is a great way to help your designs stand out amid the layers. Plus, it’s totally in season this winter!

Winter Jewelry Trends for Fashionable Accessories

While many may consider winter to be a gloomy holiday devoid of color and life, the winter jewelry trends help highlight the beauty of the season. The romantic motifs of rosettes and florals tie perfectly into Valentine’s day and help promise of warmer weather ahead. INcorporating the vibrant colors help your jewelry stand out amid the gray weather. And layering necklaces helps stand up to clothing layers.
What are your favorite winter jewelry trends? Share below in the comments!

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