When you are starting your own jewelry business, one of the last things many business owners think about is providing good customer service. But the fact remains that customer service is a key factor for every business and an often overlooked component for jewelry business owners simply because they’re not sure which customer service tips to follow.

At the most basic level, consider negative interactions you’ve had with a business and use this as an example of what not to do. On the flip side, take a positive interaction you’ve had with a business as an example of what you should do. I used to work in retail and learned that good customer service is key. Here are a few customer service tips you can use to make every interaction the best it can be.

Be Friendly to all guests

If you’re working at a show, greet everyone who enters your tent. This rule is true even if you know they aren’t going to buy something. If they have a question, answer them. Make small talk. All of these things can be the difference between making a memorable experience and having a bad one in your tent.

Answer all the questions you get, even if it’s repetitive

Questions are important to the sales process. If someone asks you a question, it shows interest in your product and is worth your time. Jewelry business owners are at a disadvantage answering questions because most of them are repetitive and that can be annoying. The last thing you should do is be rude when answering the question. Be kind and considerate even if you’re rolling your eyes in your head.

If you’re getting the same questions often you can also dedicate some time to answering your FAQs either online or on a display you can bring to shows.

If you move slowly during check out, explain why

When I worked retail, check out was the time I was the most stressed out. I used to try to move as quickly as I could before I realized that people value accuracy no matter how long it takes.

With jewelry, my checkout process can take a bit of time. When I sell earrings, I usually add earring backs to them and place them on a card. This along with getting the product entered into Square, and then take a credit card can take time. I’ve found it’s easier to explain why the process is taking time to the customer and more often than not, they’re happy I’m taking the extra steps I am during checkout. I’ve also found that continuing to converse with the customer while I’m checking them out helps soothe my anxiety over the process. If you’re kind and courteous with people, they’ll usually be the same way with you, even if the process is taking a bit of time.

Don’t interrupt customers, but don’t ignore them either

When I’m having multiple conversations, this can be hard to do. I’ve found that politely saying hello to someone helps acknowledge them and show politeness. If someone is waiting to chat with me, I may excuse myself briefly from a conversation. If it works out well I can invite everyone to the conversation to the conversation. Ultimately, this rule reminds you not to ignore anyone who comes to your store. Always extend a kind greeting to them and do your best to engage everyone.

Those who don’t buy still deserve your attention

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that people love my handmade jewelry but don’t wear much jewelry themselves, I’d have a nice steady stream of revenue coming in. Kidding aside, it’s important to acknowledge every customer, even those who won’t buy from you too. Don’t ignore them or brush them aside intentionally. While they may not wear jewelry, their best friend may. Spend the time answering questions and showing the features of your designs because it could still result in a sale.


If you only do one thing for your customer service, smile as individuals enter your space. It shows that you see them, that you’re nice, and that you’re approachable. It also helps your voice feel more warm if you speak to them. A smile is also a great substitute for saying hello to new customers entering your space if you’re mid-conversation with someone else.

Customer service tips for jewelry artists

Customer service is the extra special magic that keeps people returning to see you show after show. Hopefully, these actionable tips can help you interact with your customers. What customer service tips do you have that work well? Share them below!

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