I’ve explained how creating custom wedding jewelry is something I’ve been passionate about for some time. Jewelry transcends a single day; it’s a way for your bridal party to remember your day for years to come, to add a bit of your personality to the accessories, and can truly tie together a look.

I learned this first-hand when I handcrafted custom wedding jewelry for my bridal party.

On May 27, I married my best friend in front of my family and friends. And while a wedding has many different tiny details, the one thing I spent more time than most considering was the custom wedding jewelry I wanted to hand-create for my special day.

Because I made jewelry, I felt more pressure working with myself because of the importance I place on the jewelry I create for weddings. I wanted to be sure I would create the right wedding jewelry for bridesmaids.

And so, the first step I took was to consider what I could want. I picked the bridesmaid’s dresses, paying special attention to the necklines so that what I created would fit. And I considered the wedding colors I picked, black, white, and navy, and how those colors could work together in a jewelry design. But mostly, I considered what wedding jewelry I could create that would go beyond a single day.

One of my go-to’s for daily wear is a pearl design I created several years ago that features five asymmetrical pearls on a silver chain. I wear this necklace with a variety of looks; dresses, professional looks, jeans, and even leggings. And one day, I just knew that this would be the perfect look for my ladies. The white would pop against the navy dresses. And as I was creating the necklaces, I decided I would also create bracelets to go with, to match a bracelet that I could also wear on my wedding day to match them. And together, I had the perfect wedding jewelry.

It doesn’t have to be complex or match a theme. What I did is go through the process I have with all my brides, just within myself. I considered my wedding colors. I considered the necklines for the dresses to appropriately design for that day. And then I considered the goals I had for the jewelry itself, the long-term goals I was hoping for. Once I distilled all that, I just knew what I wanted to create for myself and my friends.

And every member of my bridal party loved their jewelry. In fact, one of my bridesmaids shared how much she loved the original pearl necklace, and how happy she was to have her own. The final design looked absolutely perfect, and everything pulled together perfectly. We all looked stunning together and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my business or the lovely ladies who stood by my side.

If you’re planning your wedding and want to create something one-of-a-kind for your bridal party, I’d love to help you create your custom jewelry. Let me work you through the same process I worked through with myself, and several brides before. Let me give you the same feeling that I experienced on my wedding day, and help you create something that your bridal party will cherish for years to come. Let’s get started today!

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