I love working on custom projects for clients, especially when those projects are for weddings. There’s something about creating meaningful jewelry that inspires me and I love how the end result is unique to that person and situation. I love even more seeing the reaction of the brides when they see the jewelry that is so personal for them.

When I worked with my friend Kristen on the handmade wedding jewelry for her bridal party earlier this year, we didn’t just talk about creating something for the bridesmaids. We also spoke about how we could create something that held meaning for her.

One of the things Kirsten wanted was to honor the grandparents who weren’t at the wedding. To do this, we created a wedding bracelet that had images of those individuals who weren’t able to attend. The end result was a beautiful accessory that held deep meaning and kept those loved ones close.

Working on custom wedding jewelry is something that I truly enjoy. I love having conversations with my brides about what they want. I love learning more about their special day and the themes so I can create something that fits their style. And I truly love seeing their expressions and how much they love their custom made jewelry.

If you’re looking for a wedding bracelet or any other wedding jewelry that’s custom made for your big day, I’d love to work with you! Contact me today and let’s get started creating jewelry for your big day!

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