A wedding is an important event. For brides who are trying to make their day a bit more unique, custom made wedding jewelry is one option.

In the past, I’ve been asked by friends and family members for custom made jewelry for the bridal party and to give as gifts. Each ask is as unique as the bride. Here are a few different designs that I’ve made that I’m most proud of.

Fall Leaf jewelry

When Tracy was planning her fall themed wedding, she found beautiful metal leaves that she wanted to turn into beautiful necklaces. I helped her do that my matching them with gemstones in the more earthy hues to match the fall season. The end result was gorgeous jewelry that was perfect for her big day and everyone loved wearing.

Resin wonder woman jewelry

When Sarah was planning her wedding, she chose to embrace some of the things she loved most, including her favorite comic book character Wonder Woman. For her custom wedding jewelry, I cut out different images from comics and put them in resin for the bracelets. The end result was a fun bracelet that is wearable and special for those in her wedding party.

Gemstone spring jewelry

When Erin got married she wanted something original that included her two wedding colors: purple and pale green. To complement this look I found that amethyst and peridot matched the hues beautifully. The end result was a necklace in those colors that worked well with the bridesmaid’s dresses and was wearable after the big day.

Photo bracelet gifts

When Emily got married, she wanted to make something special for her family members to mark their relationship. So we worked together to find photos, add them to bezels with resin, and to customize the bracelets with charms and other touches that Emily picked out. The end result was a unique gift that was personal to the recipient, and something the bride was very happy with.

Custom made wedding jewelry for any bride

I love working with brides to create custom wedding jewelry for bridesmaids to wear, or to give as gifts. Learn more about working with me to craft custom made wedding jewelry.

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