Name recognition is key for drawing return customers to your business and attracting new audiences. To help ensure the attention of your buyers, there are a variety of different creative promotional products that you can use to market your business. Here are a few reliable promotional products you can utilize for your jewelry business.


Having a banner with your business name is one of the most important craft show tips because it’s a great way to draw customers into your booth. You can customize a banner with your name, logo, and even a brief description of your jewelry to help draw interested customers into your space. A banner is one of the smartest investments in marketing you can make for your business.

Table Cloths

If you have tables as part of your display, getting your business printed onto a table cloth is a ret way to use up space in front of a table. If you’re hesitant to print an entire table cloth, a table runner is a great option. Not only can you include your business logo, but you can pick a different color from your table cloth that can allow for a different contrast for your jewelry.


In my neck of the woods, stickers are a big deal. They are stuck on cars, water bottles, and even computers. For a fun way to spread your business name, stickers may be just what you’re looking for.


If you include care information for your jewelry, or personal notes to those who purchase your items, printing stationery with your business name, logo, and colors can help tie this piece in with your overall brand.

Magnets, pens and other small items

Sometimes, having freebies for your customers is a great way to keep your business top of mind. Freebies like magnets, pens, cellphone wallets or cellphone pop sockets are popular for people to take and use later. This both keeps your business top of mind and exposes your business name to others in their groups.

Creative promotional products for your jewelry business

While business cards are standard, using these creative promotional products can help make sure the widest audience possible is exposed to your business name. What other promotional ideas have you successfully used for your business? Share them below in the comments.

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