Email; it’s a love-hate relationship for everyone. As a person, nothing feels worse than watching the number of unread emails grow in our inbox, but for those who want to promote their business, there’s no denying emails power.

If you’re considering starting an email marketing strategy for your jewelry business, here are a few things to think about before you dive right in.

Type of Message

Not all emails are the same. Before you decide email is right for you, decide what kind of email marketing strategy you want to create for your business. Do you want to create only promotions that push your designs? Will you try and provide benefit for your subscribers with information or exclusive news? Or do you want to simply showcase your final designs and try to boost traffic to your website?

Each of these involves a different strategy, and potentially a different list. So consider the end goal and build your strategy to support this before you dive into your first email.


So you’ve taken the plunge and created an email newsletter. Now what? Who are you sending to?

Consider this: your email database will decay naturally over time no matter what you do. Even if you put out only the best emails, eventually people will unsubscribe. This means you not only need to build your individual emails, but you need to think long-term and consider how you’ll grow your database. A few ideas:

  • Collect email addresses at all your craft shows
  • Collect emails from buyers
  • Push subscribers with a social media strategy

Email platforms

Deciding which email platform you’ll use to send your message is key to your success. In fact, it’s so important, I’ve decided to dedicate a full blog post to the topic.

Now that you know some of the important considerations about creating a successful email marketing strategy you’re ready to create a thoughtful strategy for your jewelry business. What other tips do you have for creating an effective email strategy? What questions do you have? Share them in the comments below!

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