If you are signing up for your first craft show you want to ensure you have a great event. Tips for creating a good display are aplenty. But what you may not find are some of the nitty gritty details that you won’t think of until you’re at the event. If you’re hunting for helpful craft show tips, here are four important ones that you may not think of when you’re making your lists for the event.

Find the right show for your business

Each craft show is different and attracts different attendees. One of the keys is to make sure that you choose shows that attract the target personas you are trying to reach. But more than that, you want to be sure to choose a show that has a great location that will attract foot traffic.

Add in extra time for setup

When it comes to my weekends, I like to sleep in. For craft shows, this is the difference between being ready to great any customers who walk through early, and frantically setting up while your neighbors are

Bring food

This may seem basic, but it’s honestly easy to overlook the small detail of eating while you’re at a craft show. Don’t forget to overlook the power of some good snacks. Pack a cooler, or bring a few options to help get you through the day. Water is another overlooked item that you want to be sure you bring with you for the event.

Booth sitters are key

I had the fortune of sharing booth space with my friend Amanda at two of my shows in 2018, and she turned out to be an awesome asset to my business. Having a booth sitter lets you take breaks to see the other vendors, easily go to the restroom without worry, even have someone to grab your food. Plus, if the show is slow, a booth sitter gives you someone to talk with to pass the time

Craft show tips for success

Keeping these tips in mind can help make your upcoming craft show the best yet. What tips do you have for making craft shows smoother? Share your tips in the comments below!

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