This holiday season is undoubtedly going to look very different from the holidays of the past. With the health considerations in place, vendors won’t find many successful holiday markets. Since this is one of the primary ways small artisans make money during the holiday season, it’s key to think outside the box. Here are a few different COVID holiday season tips you can use to ensure you have a successful and profitable holiday season.

Spruce up your Online Shop

If 2020 has taught anything, it’s that having an online presence is key. With so many unknown factors, make sure you’re ready for online shoppers. Take the time to check your listings, make sure they’re updated, optimized with search terms, and holiday-ready.

Plan Early for Holiday Promotions

COVID has given shoppers the gift of time, allowing them to buy when it’s convenient for them. For this reason, there have been several holiday season sale predictions that buyers will begin to shop earlier in the season. Make sure you’re ready and start the holiday promotions earlier than you normally would.

Virtual Events

While many in-person events have been canceled, virtual events have sprung up in their place. These virtual shows offer the same advertising power as their in-person counterparts, without the hassle of setting up a table. Sort out these events early as many promoters announce their plans months ahead of the shows. Keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to inquire with your favorite show to learn more about their plans.

Maximize Facebook

If you’re curious about how to sell jewelry on Facebook there are several creative ways to use the platform. You could host a virtual event, use Facebook live to show off your holiday products to your followers, or even list items on Facebook Marketplace to gain additional sales. If you’ve been contemplating growing your presence on the Facebook platform, this may be the season to begin to expand your presence.

Email Campaign Strategy

If you use it effectively, email is still a very effective way to reach buyers. Crafting an email marketing strategy that supports your holiday sales strategy can help keep you top-of-mind with the buyers you’d normally be seeing at in-person events.

COVID Holiday Season Tips for Success

Hopefully, these COVID holiday season tips help inspire you to think differently about the upcoming season. In a nutshell, plan ahead and get creative with the different tactics you use. What COVID holiday season tips for success have you decided to try? Share your ideas below in the comments!

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