When you create a social media platform, it’s important to remember that on the other side of a like or a comment is another human being. For this reason, as you build a following on the Instagram for your jewelry business, it’s important to be sure that you’re being courteous and respectful to your followers.

Like most social media platforms, Instagram has some common courtesies that you should aim to follow. Here are a few important common Instagram courtesies jewelry business accounts should follow.

Reply to comments

Likes are important on Instagram, but they are the easiest way for someone to interact with your account. If someone goes so far to comment on your post, make sure to acknowledge them to show that you are taking notice.

Hitting the “heart” response is one way to show those who comment you’ve read their comment. If someone asks a question, replying is simply a must. While it may be hard to immediately respond, getting back as quickly as you can is key. If you struggle to check Instagram in a timely manner, turn on notifications so you can see when comments and likes come in.

Following an account back

Like most platforms, if someone follows you on Instagram, it is common courtesy to follow them back. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but if someone is a fellow jewelry designer or owns a bead shop, following them is a nice gesture. As an added bonus, you can get some really great inspiration for these accounts.

Engage with accounts you follow

It isn’t enough to simply follow an account. Be sure that you’re working your way through your feed to comment and like the content other accounts are posting. I, for one, love looking through my feed. I find constant inspiration for my designs from what others have posted.

Successful interactions on Instagram are easy

Following these common courtesies on Instagram will help you grow your following and help you positively interact with those who follow you. What other tips do you have for interacting with your followers on Instagram? Share them below.

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