Inspiration can hit at the most random moments and sometimes in the most organic situations. This is exactly what happened with my football jewelry necklace design. In 2015 one of my best friends was married the day after the University of Colorado vs. Colorado State University football game. If I’m going to be perfectly honest, for those who attend either school this game is a rivalry where both sides do a considerable amount of trash talking.

Because the game was the same day as the rehearsal as the game, and because I was one of the few in the wedding party who attended Colorado State University, I wanted to be sure I could sport my college colors. With the extra 20 minutes to spare before I had to leave I went into my jewelry studio and saw a strand of green beads hanging on my bead display board. Then, I looked down onto my bench and saw some extra gold beads from a custom wedding jewelry design I was working on for my friend.

It was fate. I added in the gold beads to the green strand, restrung them all, and added a gold chain. I got so many compliments on that last-minute necklace. The college spirit necklace was born.

Since then I’ve had a lot of fun making my necklace for friends who went to CSU and also CU. No matter where your loyalties lie, finding a fun and fashionable way to support your school is always fun.

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