During the early winter months when most of the world is celebrating Christmas, colors of choice include reds, greens, and golds. With so much holiday cheer surrounding, I’ve found that my jewelry designs have begun to reflect the season at hand. But the question I’ve been asking myself recently is why these colors are associated with the holiday?

Turns out that NPR has the answer. Turns out that holly has played a large role in making these the colors of choice. Holly, a red berry with deep green leaves, actually dates back to the Winter Solstice celebrations the Romans held.

Unsurprisingly, the colors associated with Christmas have changed over time. During the Victorian period, blue was another prominent color used to celebrate the holiday.

Regardless of where the colors came from, this season I’ve had a lot of fun creating Christmas themed jewelry and incorporating reds, golds, and whites into my designs inspired by the season. The colors blend so beautifully together to create beautiful accessories that stand out in the colder months. They also make great jewelry gift ideas for anyone still on the hunt.

How do the holidays inspire your jewelry designs? What colors do you typically incorporate? Leave your comments below!

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