I love the Christmas holiday season. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love the winter (learn more about this with my Sparling Snow jewelry collection) and the winter is especially magical around the holidays. The lights to help brighten the dark nights, the traditions make me smile, there is a feeling of joy in the air; these are all things that help make this time of year more enjoyable for me.

Every year I try to harness some of the magic of the season and create some Christmas holiday jewelry. My aim is to create something that captures the colors, lets off some sparkle to add to the festivity. This year I pretty proud of the items I created. I’d be proud to wear any of these to holiday parties and to make the season even brighter.

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This holiday season, I hope you’ll consider supporting my small business. I have a variety of items that make great gifts and will be promoting special offers for the rest of the holiday season. Keep your eyes on my Facebook Page to learn the complete details as the promotions come available.

This is the last collection I’ll create in 2019. It’s been an interesting year and I learned a lot (more on that later). I appreciate the support and can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for my business.

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