What is it about chaotic jewelry workspace organization that inspires my creativity constantly?

This question is one that I’ve had in the back of my head for a while now. When I’m at my day job, I need an order on my desk or else I will be distracted when I’m trying to work. But in my studio, it’s the exact opposite.

I’ve found that the more disorderly, the more creative I am with my jewelry. There’s something about having different combinations in front of me that can help me visualize a design effectively.

If you’re looking to inspire your creativity and you normally opt for order, try my technique of grabbing gemstones that fit the season, complimentary chain, colorful ribbon, and different pendants, and bring everything together onto your space. Sometimes moving the options together can help you spot combinations you otherwise wouldn’t see.

My jewelry workspace organization has been a bit chaotic lately, but I’ve found that actually helps my creativity.

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