In the last several years, using chakra gemstones to create jewelry that balances your energy centers has become a very popular trend. But, what exactly are chakras, and why are they so important.

In today’s post, I’ll break down what chakras are, where they’re located and the chakra gemstones you can use to balance these energy centers in your body.

What are Chakras

The first writing of the different Chakras dates back to 1500-500 B.C.E in India. Today in the modern sense, Chakras refer to a wheel of energy in the body. In each body are seven different chakras, all in charge of different emotions. Understanding each chakra and how the energy materializes in your body can help explain your overall energy in your body and mind.

Root Chakra

The root chakra promotes survival needs, personal identity, and is grounding. It is located along the base of the spine and is associated with the color red. For this chakra, garnet and red jaspers are great chakra gemstones to help ground and bring balance to this energy source.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra promotes the flow of emotions, creativity, relationships, and fantasy. It’s located just below the navel and is associated with the color orange. Carnelian and golden sunstone are great gemstones to help bring energy to this chakra center. Also, try orange essential oils to balance this energy center.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra promotes will, personal power, and taking control of one’s life. This chakra is also connected to intelligence, confidence, and independence. This chakra is associated with the color yellow, and yellow jade or citrine are two great gemstones to use when channeling this chakra. This energy source is located above the navel and can be recharged by reading or even going outside into the sunshine.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra promotes love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance and is located at the body’s heart center. This chakra is associated with the color green, and Anahata, emerald, or green jade are great gemstones that channel and balance this chakra. Other than green jewelry, other ways to balance this energy center are spending time with friends or walking in nature.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located at the throat (as the name suggests), and it promotes expression and both verbal and non-verbal communications. This chakra is associated with blue, making blue apatite, blue crazy lace agate, or aquamarine are great gemstones for this energy center. The best way to balance the throat chakra is to wear the color blue, sing, or partake in a meaningful conversation with someone you care about.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra promotes vision, perception, and intuition, and can connect wisdom and insight. This energy center lives at the forehead between both eyes and is associated with the color indigo. Lapis lazuli and dumortierite are two gemstones that are the right indigo hue to stimulate this energy center. Other activities to help the third eye energy center recharge are star gazing and meditation.

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and this energy center promotes wisdom and a connection to higher consciousness. The crown chakra is associated with the color purple, and amethyst is the perfect purple gemstone to help recharge this energy center. Other activities that can help you rebalance the crown chakra are writing down visions and focusing on your dreams.

Chakra gemstones for jewelry designs

If one of your chakra energy centers feels imbalanced, gemstone jewelry in the specific chakra color can help reset and even balance your energy flow. Look for jewelry in any of the gemstones mentioned above, or find a design that incorporates all seven colors into a single design. How do you balance your chakras? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

Photo by Moises Gonzalez on Unsplash.

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