On March 25, Bridgerton Season 2 hit Netflix. Like many, I was completely transfixed by the first season of Bridgerton and was especially inspired by the lavish jewelry. As an avid fan of the show, I tuned in for the drama, intrigue, and of course the decadent costumes. From the dresses to the hair, and let’s not forget the jewelry, the show is styled perfectly and did not disappoint.

Here are a few of the jewelry designs and details from Season two of Bridgerton that I found especially inspiring.

Kate & Anthony


Season Two focused on Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton, and their love story. I enjoyed seeing how Kate and Anthony were styled through the season, and while a lot of emphasis was placed on the ladies and their jewels, the men certainly had some elegant stylings this season as well.

Tiaras and Hairpins


One of the things I quickly noticed was that season two focused much more on hairpieces, with lots of pins, and tiaras as part of the costumes. This was especially true with Queen Charlotte, who had divine hairpins all season.


In fact, let’s appreciate Queen Charlotte and what she is able to pull off with her jewelry. Here she is completely rocking a necklace, intricate pearl dress details, bracelets, and hair pins that are simply stunning. As I watched all season her jewelry got more and more stunning; I’ll need to rewatch to process all of these details.

Metal types and their family connection


One of the most interesting facts I learned was how important metal colors were in Season Two. If you pay attention closely, the Bridgertons wear mostly silver, with the Featheringtons in gold, and the Sharma’s in rose gold.


Lady Sharma displays her rose gold hues well with this lovely brooch that pairs nicely with her other jewelry. I also learned that jewel tones were especially important to the Sharma family, and if you pay attention you’ll see this in their jewelry throughout the season.

American Rubys


We can’t forget about the sub-plot of the American Ruby mine, and the elegant jewelry made from those gems. The striking necklaces made from these gems looked valuable and were truly eye-catching for viewers.

Bridgerton Season 2


One of the reasons I enjoy entertainment that is set during a different period is because of the costumes and sets involved with making the production. I always enjoy seeing the costumes and makeup used in these productions. If you’ve seen the second season of Bridgerton, I’d love to hear what you think! Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Photo by Manik Roy on Unsplash

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