I have a confession to make: bracelets are not my favorite accessory to wear. For a long time, I even resisted a watch, which actually changed a few years ago when I got a Fitbit. To be honest, that and a hair tye are as close as I get to wearing a bracelet.

Maybe it’s for this reason that I’ve never really paid too much attention to designing bracelets. I’ve created a few one-offs as inspiration has hit, I have my resin photo bracelets and my Grimm beer bracelets, (along with other beer bracelets). But, for the most part, these are my most frequently crafted bracelet designs.

Around October last year, I realized that I had slowly sold enough individual bracelets that my stand was looking very bare. I also realized that bracelets are the item least-likely to sell at shows. I decided that if I wanted to change this, I should probably put some thought into the designs I created.

A full bracelet connection is one that I had planned to release at some point this year. With the quarantine removing all social plans and giving me the gift of time to design jewelry and focus on my business, it seemed like a great time to dig in and focus my attention on bracelets, one of the many  positive coronavirus business impacts.

I channeled some of the styles I’ve created before, looked for some inspiration, and incorporated some new techniques to expand the offerings that I have. Over the course of several weeks, I created over 58 bracelet designs. These include stretchy bracelets in a single color of gemstone or crystal, leather tie bracelets, and chain bracelets. The idea is to mix and match several looks together to create a custom stack or add a single item to your already built-out collection.

Remember how I said that I created over 58 bracelets in total? Even with the amount of time that I have right now being quarantined, because most of these are one of a kind, the cost of listing each item separately isn’t something I can commit too. For that reason, I listed only a select few items, those I thought would be of most interest. View those items in my online store.

I’ll continue posting images of the options I have. And as with all my shows, you’ll be able to see every item in person. If you see a chain style or gemstone bracelet that you love, message me to learn more and order. Especially now, I appreciate the support everyone has shown me and my small business. I hope you enjoy this bracelet-only collection release!

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