In 2016 I had the pleasure of attending the marketing conference Inbound. One of the best parts was attending different sessions delivered by leading marketing professionals and one session was all about SEO optimization tools and information marketers needed to know to keep up with Google, voice search, and mobile searches. In 2018, one of the big trends is the rise in voice search and personal assistants and how that can impact search in the future. If you’re a jewelry business owner, Google voice search impacts your business. Your customers may begin to move towards using digital assistants to find […]

2018 is here. Every year, industry leaders make predictions about what the big marketing trends will be. 2018 is no exception. After some searching I’ve uncovered five marketing trends; 2018 will be a big year so stay in the know by being on top of these trends. Transparency is King Millennials are big on seeing the inner workings of brands behind the scenes. They want to know that the places they buy from are human, not just big soulless corporations. Small jewelry businesses have the upper hand here because in many ways it’s easy to connect with your customers in […]

2018 is finally here! The new year offers limitless possibilities for any business owner, and for jewelry designers, it offers a fun new color to experiment with in your designs. Pantone debuted Ultraviolet as the 2018 color of the year. This color “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.” What a big vision for 2018! I can’t help but connect that same message with the resolutions I have for my jewelry business in 2018. Today, I’d like to share my New Year jewelry business resolutions for Fifth Essence Jewelry with all of you. I hope […]

During the early winter months when most of the world is celebrating Christmas, colors of choice include reds, greens, and golds. With so much holiday cheer surrounding, I’ve found that my jewelry designs have begun to reflect the season at hand. But the question I’ve been asking myself recently is why these colors are associated with the holiday? Turns out that NPR has the answer. Turns out that holly has played a large role in making these the colors of choice. Holly, a red berry with deep green leaves, actually dates back to the Winter Solstice celebrations the Romans held. […]

On occasion I enjoy listening to podcasts, both to provide me with relevant marketing information and to break up the usual music that I listen to during the day. During one such time, I heard an important tip: consistency is key. This is true for everything from posting on your blog, or posting online to your social media channels. While it may be easier for jewelry artists to take photos of their workbench and tweet those, or post them to Instagram, it’s also important to post back to your website occasionally. However, I’ve found this takes much more time and […]

Brainstorming holiday campaign ideas for your small jewelry business can seem difficult, but one of the easiest ways to find inspiration is to look for it. And there is no better place to look during the holidays than some larger recognizable jewelry brands. Here are three holiday campaign ideas you can pull inspiration from and modify for your small jewelry business. Swarovski Swarovski did a great job seamlessly including their holiday hashtag right on the homepage, and what’s truly brilliant about the campaign is the fact that it is so clear to the customer. Further, when the customer clicks on […]

The holidays are an important time for any small business, and jewelry businesses are no exception to the rule. During the holidays your customers are often searching online for jewelry gift ideas. Make sure that you’re planning accordingly to make sure that you’re maximizing your online sales. Here are five tips to make sure your online handmade jewelry store ready for the holidays. Shipping Sometimes shipping is an added expense that can tip your buyer’s purchase decision. Offering free shipping is one way you can help tip their decision to buy from you. Offer a Sale During December there are countless […]

Gift giving can be stressful with all the pressure placed on finding the perfect gift. If you’re looking for some great jewelry gift ideas to give your friends and family members, here are some of my recommendations to fit every person on your list! For Mom If your mom is anything like mine, her love is unconditional. This year for Mother’s Day I made her a custom resin photo jewelry bracelet. The bracelet featured four photos of us from the years. She absolutely loved it. I made similar gifts for others with the safe effect. If you want something truly custom, this […]

I can remember when silver and gold were the only metal options you could find at any local craft store. While both metals are traditional, today there has been a shift towards different finishes: gun metal, copper, and bronze. Bronze has been the metal that has spoken to me this season, whispering of promise and endless beautiful combinations. It has been a material that’s appeared in many of the fall necklaces I’ve made this year. The muted gold color feels idyllic to match with both cool hues and warmer fall colors alike. If you’re worried about dappling with the metal […]

If you make jewelry, craft shows are a great way to attract new customers and encourage sales. One of the most important parts of a craft show is to ensure that you’re correctly displaying your jewelry. When I signed up for my first craft show in 2016, I spent several weeks brainstorming what I wanted my jewelry display to look like and the overall impression I wanted to make. If you’re looking for jewelry display ideas for craft shows, here are some important considerations. Consider Your Jewelry Design Aesthetic My jewelry is more modern with lots of sparkle and pizzazz. […]