As a jewelry designer, I always strive to make beautiful handmade jewelry. That being said, sometimes I can look at a design I’m working on and know that it’s just not perfect yet. That may be why I have projects that wait weeks, months, or even years before they’re created; something isn’t quite right and I’m waiting for the right inspiration to help me with the overall design.

My initial substitution featured a bail that was too small for the overall necklace.

The same thing goes when I’m trying to reproduce any of my already made jewelry designs. While my jewelry designs are one-of-a-kind, sometimes I like the finished design enough to try and replicate it. The thing about replicating designs is that they will always be just a little different the second time around.

My white druzy necklace is no exception. Three years ago I found these beads in Tucson and it took nearly eight months for me to decide on the right way to use the stones in the right way to be a beautiful handmade jewelry necklace. When I returned to Tucson the next year, I picked up a second strand intent on replicating the design since I had received so many compliments.

Not everything is the same on this second necklace because some of the original supplies had been completely used up. One such component was the magnet bail. While I tried to substitute what I had on hand, I knew it was just not the same; the necklace was no longer well balanced.

As a designer, I knew that I had two choices. First, I could completely ignore what I saw because the likelihood of my friend noticing would be slim. People all have different artistic eyes, so what may appeal to me wouldn’t appeal to someone else. But I as the designer would know, and I’m the kind of person that wants to always represent myself well, from the way I act in public to the jewelry that I produce.

My re-worked necklace with well-balanced bail.

The second option was to switch out the clasp from another already made design. I choose option two. At the end of the day, I only want to put jewelry designs that I’m 100% happy with out into the world. It made extra work for me, but ultimately, I’m happy with the way the necklace looks and will be proud to sell it to my friend.

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