Any classically trained artist will tell you that the principles of art are important to follow for pleasing artwork. Among these principles is the concept of balance.

Have you ever looked at a jewelry design and something has felt off? Maybe there’s an element that seems to detract from the accent in a less-than-pleasing way. Or maybe, something isn’t quite large enough for a large element. In these instances, the balance of the design is off. So why is balance in jewelry design important, and what role does it play in jewelry design?

The easiest way to think about balance is to consider the weight behind it and how each element play together. So when you have a very heavy element, pairing it with a light component doesn’t always work.

To me as a designer, balance refers to how the different components I use work together into a finished jewelry design. I want to be sure that I choose the right symmetry for the design and the right elements to correctly draw the eye without overshadowing the other materials.

One of my most recent examples involves the beautiful amethyst gemstone slabs that I purchased at the Tucson Shows last month. As soon as I saw the strand I knew that I wanted to have them as a pendant with a simple chain. For this reason, it was important to make sure that the chain didn’t detract from the accent stone but it was equally important to choose the correct chain that would stand up to the stone and not get lost.

The right balance for my designer eye won’t necessarily be right for a different designer. What I think is correctly balanced won’t necessarily translate correctly to everyone who sees my designs. In many ways, the correct balance can also be reflective of personal taste.

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