I love the fall, so much so that I use the changing landscape as inspiration for jewelry annually. I don’t have much more to say about the fall that I haven’t said in the past four years. Read more in my posts from prior released Autumnal Bliss collections the past four years.

This year was no exception. I’ve used the changing landscape as my inspiration to create unique, one of a kind designs that are perfect for the fall season, and beyond. This year, I started the season with a visit to a local gem show, so I had new agate, morganite, and filigree elements to use in my season jewelry designs.

Much like years past, this collection began with me pulling down gemstones and elements that spoke to me and evoked the feeling of the fall. From there, I was able to create unique jewelry accessories that fit into the former iterations of this collection, while also standing on their own.

Shop my newest collection in my online Etsy Shop today before these designs are gone!

PS, if you’d like to read more about how the season has inspired my jewelry over the last several years, revisit my collections from years past. The Autumnal Bliss Collection, Volume II, Volume III, and Volume IV.

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