This is the fourth time I’ve released a fall jewelry collection. This year, I wanted to tell a bit more about the circumstances behind this collection release. 

During the heat of the summer, I planned a vacation to New England this fall with my partner. Fall seemed like the perfect time to visit this region, and the week of Halloween worked perfectly with my growing market calendar.

While we were a week or two passed the prime fall peeping time, the scenery was still spectacular. Trees were layered with golds, browns, reds, and even some greens. The different species of trees meant there were a variety of leaf sizes. And during the golden hours of the morning, the sight was unbelievably beautiful. I found myself surrounded by beauty wherever I looked.

There was a walking path nearby to where we stayed and during one of my morning runs I realized that the sight around me was the place I often retreat when I craft my now annual fall jewelry collection. A wooded scene with leaves gently falling in the breeze. A lake or other body of water that reflects the golden fall light. Leaves of every shape, size, and hue wherever I look. I realize now that every single design I’ve released as part of the Autumnal Bliss fall jewelry collection comes from this lovely nature scene. I’m infinitely glad I was able to celebrate the release of this fourth collection in New England, home to my ultimate inspiration.

Despite this being the fourth year I’ve revisited this theme, I’m amazed that I continue to put forth unique and different jewelry designs. This year I incorporated a filigree leaf element for the first time. This lovely pendant is a great homage to fall. I also incorporated dendritic opal gemstone beads that not only have the white and black markings I love but also copper hues as well. These remind me of a fall snowstorm and fit in perfectly with a leaf pendant. I hope you enjoy these new elements as much as I enjoyed designing with them.

The designs I created as part of this collection are available on my online Etsy Page. All are one-of-a-kind, so if you find a design you like, snag it now before it’s gone.

PS: As the name suggests, this is the fourth year I’ve released a jewelry collection around my Autumn inspiration. Read more about the Autumnal Bliss Collection, the Autumnal Bliss Volume II Collection, and the Autumnal Bliss Volume III Collection.

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