Those who know me know that fall is one of my most favorite seasons of the year. As the days grow shorter, and the weather gets cooler, I find that my creativity soars. This creativity is especially evident with the jewelry I design, and during this abundant season, I grab for golds, reds, and coppers. These are the colors I associate with Fall.

Last year I created my Autumnal Bliss fall jewelry collection using the same autumn inspirations. While it was the first full collection release I had for the Fall season, it certainly wasn’t the first time I created Autumn-inspired designs. That’s why it felt fitting to have this collection be a continuation of what I crafted in the past; a new volume and iteration even.

This year, I was especially excited to design with some elegant filigree accents I purchased while at the Tucson Shows. These brass elements made for perfect additions for stylish earrings, and elegant necklaces. And while these shine in the fall season, I could see them being at home for the winter months too. I’m also in love with the gemstones I used this year: red lighting agate and Larimer. These mixed perfectly with accent beads that match some of the 2020 Fall Pantone Colors. Truthfully, I’m thrilled with how each design turned out and the resulting collection.

As always, shop the full collection online in my Etsy Shop before they’re gone.

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