During the fall I can’t help but be inspired by the fall sights around me. This season has so much beauty for those that want to see it. From this inspiration sprung the Autumnal Bliss Volume III jewelry Collection. Shop now!

autumnal bliss fall jewelry collection

If you love following Pantone Color fashion

The 2021 Fall Pantone colors are a great way to stay in fashion as the seasons change. Each year, the Pantone team conducts research to determine what colors should drive the fashion trends, and this is seen in everything from jewelry and accessories all the way to the runways and the clothes that make it to retail shops.

If you’d like to stay in trend this season, there are several designs in this collection that pull from these color trends. Fire whirl, a vibrant red was incorporated into the Fire Whirl Filigree Necklace, Fire Whirl Leaf Earrings, and Fancy Filigree Fire Whirl Earrings.

If you like a rich blue color, Mykonos blue will likely speak to you. The Mykonos Blue Star Earrings and Mykonos Blue Tassel Necklace are two designs you will absolutely love wearing.

Pale rosette even makes an appearance with the Pale Rosette Arrow Necklace. The light-pink color isn’t just great for fall, but the timeless color transitions well into spring and summer too.

2021 fall pantone jewelry

If you enjoy the sights of fall

Picture in your mind a crisp fall morning. The sun is shining, the sky is cloudless and a deep blue hue, and the leaves on the trees have turned. There is a burst of red, orange, and yellow hues against the beautiful deep blue sky.

This image is the inspiration behind my Fall Sky Leaf Necklace and the Larimer Filigree necklace. Blues pair perfectly with gold and copper, bringing out the rich tones these metals have. These two necklaces can work perfectly with autumn-hued day looks or a more casual layered look for the weekend.

fall jewelry collection

Changing leaves

When leaves change color they transform from green to yellow, orange, and red. There are many that enjoy this sight so much they’ll plan day trips centered around finding the best locations to view these vibrant colors.

Those who love leaf peeping will enjoy the designs that feature leaves up-front and center; the Leather & Leaf Necklace, Fire Whirl Leaf Earrings, Tourmaline Gold Leaf Necklace, and Fall Sky Leaf Necklace.

If you’re less about embracing literal leaves into your look, but still like the transitions the trees take in fall, the Red Lightning Agate Bib Necklace and Red Agate Filigree Necklace are the right fit for you. Their coloring evokes leaves without screaming literal leaves.

fall jewelry collection

Monochromatic Metals

When you’re searching for a simple necklace, you don’t want to complicate the design with too much color. That’s why monochromatic metal looks are perfect. A single color is a perfect accent for someone with more simple tastes. Accent your button-up office look or layer these simple designs with longer looks.

If monochromatic metal looks are your preference, the Gold Sunburst Necklace, Gold V Necklace, and the Pale Rosette Arrow Necklace all utilize a single color for an elegant accessory anyone with simple taste will appreciate.

fall jewelry collection

Autumnal Bliss Volume III Jewelry Collection

I’m proud of the designs I created as part of this annual jewelry offering. If there’s a design that catches your eye, shop now! These designs won’t last long.

This is the third iteration of my annual fall-inspired jewelry collection. Learn more about the two collections that have come before, and Autumnal Bliss Volume II jewelry collections.

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