I love the fall; there is something about the crisp morning and evenings, the chill that signifies winter is coming. And the range of colors from the trees, in my opinion, rivals the spring season. Plus, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Each year in August, when the nights get a bit cooler, I put away my hues of summer and grab browns, reds, golds, and blues. I exchange my favorite silver metal accents for bronze and copper. I mix in leather with tie closures and tassels. The jewelry I design during this time of year is truly different from what I create during other seasons. To be honest, it’s some of my favorite work for that very reason. I envision this jewelry being a perfect accompaniment for sweaters, boots, and hats during your treck in the woods to view leaves.

The Autumnal Bliss jewelry collection is intended for those who love the fall. It includes a lot of copper accents, rich gemstones, and a bit of bling. The blues I incorporated are the Shaded Spruce Pantone fall jewelry trend, 2017 hue that I fell in love with. It’s quite similar to the Eden fall 2019 Pantone color. I also mixed in amazonite, which mixes well with tiger eye, porcelain jasper, coppers, and golds. Shop the Autumnal Bliss jewelry collection today.

Every autumn I play with my different colors and elements. Truthfully, I love this year’s iteration of this theme. Not only do the pieces I’m releasing this year make me proud, but they also include some of my favorites.

As always, I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed making it. Shop the fall jewelry collection today.

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