On October 7-9, 2016, I participated in my first craft show. I chose this show because it was sponsored by the company I worked for at the time, making the entry fee for the three-day event low for fellow employees. I decided that if I was going to take the plunge and start participating in shows, this would be a good one for me to start with.

This show was a key point in my business success. Not only with shows, but also in helping me determine how my show setup would look moving forward. I had to essentially figure out what my display would look like, the primary color for my display and how to bag the items once purchased.

I learned a lot during that show, most importantly how to choose successful shows. Because for all the good the show did to help me figure out those things I listed, I did not sell many items or see the success I had hoped for at this event.

Now that some time has passed, here are a few things that I learned during my first jewelry sale weekend.

  • Fill your tables to see the best success. If there is a lot to look at, people are more apt to stay and look.
  • How you display your jewelry matters, so make sure it is easy to see the details and the designs.
  • How to find a craft fair to sell at matters. This ensures that the people who are shopping at the event match your target audience.
  • Pick your jewelry shows wisely so that the other vendors match your aesthetic. If other vendors have much lower (or higher) price points, you won’t attract the target audience you want.

More than anything, that first show taught me how important it is to start somewhere. Committing to a show can show you what you need to know to be successful, can help give you the boost you need to get started getting your display together and give you the experience you need to succeed.

Have you participated in jewelry shows in the past? Share your tips for success below in the comments.

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