Create memories with beautiful, personalized jewelry that touches the heart. 

custom handmade jewelry review


Special occasions are always right around the corner. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays… and then you have your one-off celebrations like baby showers, bridal showers, and retirement parties.

And for your upcoming special occasion, only a one-of-a-kind gift will do. Your special someone deserves a gift they’ll cherish for years to come. A gift more meaningful (and lasting) than chocolates, flowers, or a pricey dinner.

You want something thoughtful, beautiful, and genuinely them. But you don’t have hours to spend combing through big-box retailers or scrolling through Amazon to find the “right” fit.

Get the perfect gift and forego the wild goose chase with handmade jewelry from Fifth Essence Jewelry.

custom handmade jewelry review

Ashley has been crafting unique handmade jewelry as gifts in Fort Collins, Colorado for over a decade.

Previous customers have made memories with these gifts:

  • Bracelets and earrings made with caps and cans from beer lovers’ favorite breweries
  • Photo bracelets for moms, grandmas, and doting family members
  • Earring and necklace sets incorporating the recipient’s favorite colors and gemstones
  • Comicinspired jewelry for superhero fans

Know exactly what you want to create? Perfect! Ashley will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Need a bit of help putting together ideas for the perfect piece? No problem! She does extensive research to help you nail down the details and create the custom design your recipient will LOVE.


Ordering custom jewelry as unique as your special someone has never been easier.

custom handmade jewelry review


1. What’s the price range for custom pieces and sets?

Pricing depends on a variety of factors including materials, time involved, and the number of custom designs you’d like made. Ashley’s willing to work in any budget, and she always asks about this during the process so there are no surprises at the end.


2. Will I get this gift in time for my special occasion?

Generally, it takes about six (6) weeks to create a one-of-a-kind piece from start to finish. That being said, Ashley’s willing to work in your timeframe to ensure your gift arrives on schedule every time!

If you’re looking for beautiful handcrafted jewelry quicker than 4 weeks, hop over to the Fifth Essence Jewelry Etsy Shop. It only takes 24-hours to mail out a displayed item, and your purchase should only take around a week to arrive (post office depending).


3. What if the jewelry I ordered breaks or arrives broken?

Ashley’s designs are guaranteed to be high-quality, but sometimes things happen during shipping. If you ever receive a piece that’s broken, simply send it back. It will be repaired and mailed back to you free of charge.

If your jewelry breaks after purchase, the same process applies. Simply send your piece back for repair and it will be mailed back to you free of charge.


4. What does the process look like for ordering a gift?

First, hop on over to the questionnaire to schedule your initial consultation with our lead designer and founder, Ashley. During this consultation, you’ll discover if you’re a good fit for creating your memorable gift.

If you are, you’ll discuss your special person at length, ideas you had for the piece. and timelines for delivery. Then Ashley does more sleuthing on your special someone to ensure she has a deep understanding of their style.

You’ll have another consultation where she presents you with mock-ups of at least two different layout options for your gift. You’ll discuss design revisions. And once you agree on a design, she’ll work her magic bringing it to life.

Finally, it’s time to deliver! If you’re in or around the Fort Collins, Colorado area, Ashley can meet you for in-person delivery. Otherwise, your gift is wrapped* with and mailed to you via USPS.

*Because these are custom gifts, you may want a little something extra. All jewelry items come in a jewelry bag, but you can request a gift box or gift wrapping. Ashley’s happy to accommodate you!