unique bridal jewelry review

Unique Bridal Jewelry

Your special day is coming up, and you’ve envisioned it so many times. The venue, the dress, your jewelry — it’s just… perfect.

But trying to find your specific vision of jewelry at a big box retailer can be almost impossible. After hours of searching, you could wind up settling for something that’s ‘good enough’. But in your heart you know it isn’t perfect.

You, my friend, deserve perfect.

Whether it’s a statement piece for you or whimsical sets for your bridal party, Ashley will craft your vision into breathtaking jewelry that makes you say YES all over again.

unique bridal jewelry

Let’s check Wedding Jewelry off your to-do list.

unique bridal jewelry review
unique bridal jewelry

Ashley has been crafting custom bridal jewelry in Fort Collins, Colorado for over a decade. Her work includes:

  • Unique handmade pieces for brides
  • Full bridal party sets
  • Meaningful gifts for the family of the bride

When you work with Ashley, you get a professional who knows all the right questions to ask (beyond just the wedding date and colors). She’s an expert in nailing down your vision so your jewelry compliments your hair, neckline, and overall wedding theme.

For a deeper look into the care that goes into capturing a bride’s vision and bringing it into life, check out these experiences in Ashley’s blogs:

Let’s bring your vision to life!


1. What’s the price range for custom pieces and sets?

Simple designs start at around $35.00, and complex designs start at around $50.00.

Please note: Pricing depends on a variety of factors including materials, time involved, and the number of custom designs you’d like made. Ashley’s willing to work within any budget, which is discussed during consultations so there are no surprises.


2. Will I get my jewelry in time for my wedding?

Generally, it takes around six (6) weeks to create a one-of-a-kind piece from start to finish. That being said, Ashley’s willing to work in your timeframe to ensure your jewelry arrives on schedule for your big day! If you have


3. What if the jewelry I ordered breaks or arrives broken?

Ashley’s designs are guaranteed to be high-quality, but sometimes things happen during shipping. If you ever receive a piece that’s broken, simply send it back. It will be repaired and mailed back to you free of charge.

If your jewelry breaks after purchase, the same process applies. Simply send your piece back for repair and it will be mailed back to you free of charge.


4. What does the process look like for ordering custom wedding jewelry?

First, hop on over to the questionnaire to schedule your initial consultation with our lead designer and founder, Ashley

You’ll discuss your vision at length, and Ashley will ask you all the right questions to nail down the design of your perfect piece.

You’ll have another consultation where she presents you with mock-ups of at least two different layout options for your jewelry, and you’ll discuss design revisions. Once you agree on a design, she’ll work her magic bringing it to life.

Finally, it’s time to deliver! If you’re in or around the Fort Collins, Colorado area, Ashley can meet you for in-person delivery. Otherwise, your custom jewelry is carefully wrapped* and mailed to you via USPS.

*All items come in a jewelry bag, but you can request a gift box or gift wrapping. Ashley’s happy to accommodate you!