Fifth Essence Jewelry Collections

Fifth Essence Jewelry Collections pull from a variety of themes. Each collection pulls from a theme that inspires a color palette and the materials used. Each collection has a unique story and inspiration that I share with my blog introducing the collection. Learn more about each individual collection below.

2021 Jewelry Collections

May Flowers Volume II Collection – May 2021

As the weather turns warmer, I begin to dream about the bright vibrant colors that bloom in the sprintime. Paired with the textures of budding blooms, I found endless inspiration for the jewelry I crafted as part of this followup collection to my 2020 ideration. Read more and shop the collection.

2020 Jewelry Collections

Autumnal Bliss Volume II Collection – September 2020

This collection pulls from the inspiration I find during the fall. In this idderation of the collection I designed with some elegant filigree accents to create stylish earrings, and elegant necklaces. Read more about this collection.

The Sirens Call Jewelry Collection – August 2020

During the summer, I find that water calls to me. In a way, I think many hear the call of water during the summer. The cool deep depths are great ways to spend the hot afternoons, especially hot afternoons I spend in the sun at jewelry shows. View the full collection and shop now.

May Flowers Spring Jewelry Collection – May 2020

For this collection I pulled inspiration from a garden dedicated to the memory of my late friend Sascha. The blooms in the early spring are spectacular and inspiring. Read more about the inspiration behind this collection and shop the designs.

Bracelet Jewelry Collection – April 2020

A full bracelet connection is one that I had planned to release at some point and I’m thrilled with the variety I included with this release. Learn more about my inspiration and shop the collection today!

Icy Lake Winter Jewelry Collection – March 2020

It’s no secret that I love the cooler winter months. The whites, silvers, greys, and even deep blues that I spotted on a winter run are what inspired this collection. Read more and shop the collection now!

Inktober Metal Jewelry Collection – January 2020

Sketching is one way to flex your creativity. After years of not sketching projects before I started them, I committed to completing the Inktober challenge to do just that. From this came a few designs that I wanted to bring to life in metal.Read more and shop the collection now!

2019 Jewelry Collections

Christmas Jewelry Collection – November 2019

I love the holiday season and the festive feelings of the last few months of the year. With the specific colors and symbols of the holidays in mind I crafted a Christmas jewelry collection that is perfect for holiday parties, gatherings, and celebrating the season. View the collection and read more about my inspiration.

Halloween Inspired Jewelry Collection- October 2019

Halloween has never been a favorite holiday of mine, but for this collection I pulled inspiration from the colors and motives of the season. Read more about this surprise collection and to view the accessories I crafted.

Autumnal Bliss Jewelry Collection – September 2019

I love the fall; there is something about the crisp morning and evenings, the chill that signifies winter is coming. And the range of colors from the trees, in my opinion, rivals the spring season. I always find that my creativity and inspiration is on overdrive during the Autumn, and I enjoy seeing where my creativity takes me. Learn more about how the season inspired this collection and shop the collection.

Tranquile Waters Summer Jewelry Collection – August 2019

I knew that I wanted to create a collection that included the color blue and was inspired by water. I love that I had the freedom to dive into a color that I love and I incorporated several of my favorite gemstones into my creations. While this wasn’t my largest, I am proud of each item in this collection. Read more about the story behind this collection and shop now.

Summer Sunsets Jewelry Collection – June 2019

Summer evokes a memory from my past that involves a spectacular sunset, friends, and care-free days. As I set out to map out collections for this year, I wanted to carry this memory forward and capture it in jewelry. Thus, the Summer Sunsets collection was born, and it forced me to use golds, pinks, and yellows, colors I normally shy away from. Learn more about my inspiration behind this collection and shop now.

Spring Pantone – April 2019

Spring is a transition season for me. As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, I find myself searching for colors to add to my wardrobe. With the Spring 2019 Pantone colors as my palette, I created this collection filled with vibrant colors. Read more about my inspiration behind this collection and shop your favorite item.

Spring Snow – April 2019

When you live at 5,280 feet, winters stretch a bit longer than they may in other areas. The nice thing about early spring in Colorado is that the weather will alternate between sunny and warm one hour, with a snowstorm the next hour. Early flower blooms need to be prepared.

With this in mind I set out to craft the Spring Snow jewelry collection. Read more and shop the collection today

Sparkling Snow – March 2019

There’s something magical about the world when it snows.

Everything becomes quiet, the world is at peace, and my mind is completely calm. And once the sun comes out and hits the snow, it sparkles and shines in completely beautiful ways. This was the inspiration for the Sparkling Snow jewelry collection. Read more and shop the collection today.

Pretty in Pink – February 2019

For years, pink was not a color I enjoyed wearing. For this reason, I didn’t want to design any of my jewelry using the color unless specifically asked to. I created this line with the intention of embracing a complex color and making it the forefront of my designs. Read more about the inspiration and shop the collection now.

Into the Woods – January 2019

Drawing upon the winter season deep in the forests, this jewelry line mixes dark green, red, white, copper, and bronze elements into accessories that can be worn the full winter season. My inspiration came from many trecks on snowshoes in the winter. Read more and shop the collection now.

Inktober Metal Jewelry Collection
fall jewelry collection 2019