A wedding is a special day for the happy couple and a celebration of love for all those who attend. Many brides have very specific visions in their heads of what they want the day to look like. In many cases, this includes the jewelry, both what they are wearing and what they give as gifts to the bridal party or family members.

With such a specific vision in mind, you deserve to work with someone who can deliver that unique view in a beautiful end product that is no less than what you have envisioned. I have worked with brides to design jewelry that incorporates a specific element she wanted and delivers a beautiful end product. I’ve worked with a bride to take her whimsical theme and translate it into a wearable bracelet that serves as a fun reminder for those who wear it. I’ve also created a one-of-a-kind gift for family members of a bride that included images from childhood.

If you are interested in working together to create breathtaking jewelry that matches the vision of your day, contact me.