Twitter is one of those polarizing social media platforms: either you love it or you hate it. This platform has also taken a lot of heat in the last few years. Regardless, there is no questioning that Twitter is the top platform for sharing content.

As Kim Garst said in a presentation, “Twitter it is one of the best free traffic sources for your brand.” Here are 5 tips you can use to create an effective Twitter account for your jewelry business.

#1 – Complete your Profile:

Before people follow your profile, they’re going to want to know a bit more about your jewelry business. Ensure that you have a professional image or upload your logo so you can humanize your account, have a link to your website in your bio along with a bit of personality, and make sure your account is public.

#2 – Follow the Right Accounts:

To share the right content you need to be sure you’re following the right influencers and accounts in your specific jewelry niche. To do that, the best thing is to see who is following you and return the favor. Visit Klout and Kred to help identify like-minded accounts.

#3 – Build Relationships with Your Followers:

This tip really goes hand-in-hand with tip two, but Twitter is all about the relationships. Manners really matter on Twitter so be sure you are acknowledging and responding to Retweets and @mentions on your account candidly. In some ways, these comments are a type of customer service, so make sure you respond quickly and kindly always.

#4 – Content is King:

Twitter offers unparalleled ability for you to reach important people in your niche, even engage with them. For this reason, make sure you’re not only posting frequently, but that you’re sharing information that is valuable to your followers by retweeting information. Retweeting content is one way to establish your brand as an authority and as a valuable account to follow.

A forgotten Twitter isn’t your friend, so make sure you schedule content using a free automated social media posting service so you are consistently adding content. If you’re having some tr Not every tweet needs to be original either. Scheduling a tweet to send several times won’t hurt either; different audiences visit at different times.

#5 – Catch their Attention:

According to Internet Live Stats, there are almost 8,000 tweets sent every second. With all this competition it’s no wonder that the lifespan of a tweet is so short. This also makes sense why most retweets happen after your tweet. Catch your followers attention by trying a few tips to catch your follower’s attention:

  • Tweet quotes and stats that encourage your followers to click through to your content.
  • Make your call-to-action clear and actionable so your followers know what you want them to do (retweet, click, sign up, etc)
  • Incorporate imagery to increase your engagement and capture your follower’s interest

In no way are these the only techniques for creating an effective Twitter presence, but getting started with these 5 tips will help you stand out. What other Twitter tips do you have to share?

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