Each season, Pantone releases their color trends, and this spring is no exception. The 2023 spring Pantone color trends are out and it’s time to incorporate these spring jewelry color trends into new jewelry designs! But first, I need to pick my favorites and consider how I’ll design with them. This year, the colors are bright, vibrant, and scream spring and summer. Here’s my round-up of my favorite Pantone colors for the season.

Designing with the 2023 Pantone spring jewelry color trends

I love mixing these hues with multiple metal colors, charms, crystals, and tassels. Each color offers a variety of gemstone matches and works differently with the materials I already mentioned. So, which spring jewelry color trends are my favorites this year? See below for my final four picks and my thoughts about designing with each.

Beetroot Purple

I’m not sure why this color was named purple when it more closely resembles hot pink, but it is. This vibrant hot pink hue is simply spectacular and makes me think of a tropical oasis vacation. I’d love to pair this with vibrant greens (like Classic Green, see below), rich purples, and even yellow.

Because of the vibrancy of the color, crystals, and glass seem like better platforms to match the color than gemstones. The closest match may be on the dyed side, however, I prefer to stay away from dyed gemstones. A closer more natural match is cherry quartz, and I know that this gemstone works well with silver and gold, making this color truly versatile.

Crystal Rose

Light pink is a beautiful color to design with, and crystal rose is a beautiful light pink color. I love this color, and have designed with it several times in the past. Crystal pink is easily matched by rose quartz and peach moonstone gemstones. The soft pink of Crystal Rose balances the brightness of Beetroot Purple beautifully and pairs well with Classic Green and Blue Perennial well.

Crystal rose is such a versatile color. I plan to use this with flower charms in silver and gold. Or, for even more pink in the jewelry design, rose gold and even copper go well with this romantic pink hue. This color is truly versatile.

Classic Green

Classic Green is a vibrant hue that screams spring. It is captured in everything from the new leaves, green grass, and even freshly popped flowers and plants. Classic Green also works well with the other vibrant spring colors above, particularly Beetroot Purple. Paired with silver metal hues this color will sing, but for a bold look that translates into summer, gold would also be a good choice; if I opted for gold, I would plan to pair this color with warmer colors. This color is matched with a variety of gemstones, particularly green aventurine, and green jade.

Blue Perrenial

Standing against the other bright and bold colors picked this year, Blue Perennial is almost muted. This lovely blue hue has grey undertones, making it an ideal cool hue for the warmer months. Match the blue perennial with iolite, labradorite, and larimar. Blue Perennial will pair well with silver for a cooler jewelry design. It is also complimented with rose gold and gold as well.

Using the spring jewelry color trends in my handmade jewelry

All the inspiring spring jewelry trends from Pantone make me want to start creating my annual spring jewelry collection. I’m looking forward to incorporating the 2023 spring Pantone colors in my designs.

Which spring Pantone colors are your favorites? Share yours below in the comments.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about my favorite Spring Pantone color trends. Read my posts from 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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