With the changing of the seasons comes a time for change, and what better way than changing out your closet and revisiting your accessory box? As a jumping-off point for my seasonal jewelry designs, I’m looking to the Pantone color trends for 2023 as inspiration.

As always, Pantone has picked some great fall jewelry color trends to pull from. Here are my favorite inspirational colors that I plan to use this fall, and some of the ways I plan to incorporate these rich colors. 

Favorite fall jewelry color trends

What shocked me this year as I reviewed the Pantone fall jewelry color trends for 2023 was that my top three favorite colors are all reds. Usually, I try to pick a cooler color as well, but there was something about these three that spoke to me. I decided to go with it and not force myself to love something I didn’t.

Rose Violet

This rich magenta color is luxurious and perfectly fits for the fall, when warm hues rule. I can also foresee myself reaching for this color in winter, adding a pop of color when the world outside is more grey.

Viva magenta

Despite what the name implies, this is a more vibrant red color than it is magenta. The red has a hint of brightness helping ti stack up well and pairing it nicely with vibrant colors and more earthy tones.

Red Dahlia

I love a good deep-red, and red dahlia is no exception. In fact, I have several outfits in this rich red color, and love it for the fall, and winter seasons. Pairing this color with bronze, gold, and other warm hues helps add to its richness.

Designing with the fall jewelry color trends

How to utilize these rich colors in my jewelry designs is always the main question I ask myself. And whenever I ask this question, my first answer is always gemstones. Because they come in so many vibrant and beautiful colors.

Garnet and apple jasper match the hues that I identified this year as my favorites. To match the vivid magenta color, glass beads and crystals are great matches. Rich brown leather pairs nicely with all the fall color trends (and depending on the die can match hot fudge, a rich brown hue). Pairing these warmer colors with gold, bronze, and copper metals make for awesome stand-out accessories.

Inspiration for fall jewelry designs

My favorite place to search for inspiration is outside. During the fall season, leaves reveal their vibrant hues, and paired against a deep blue sky make for a stunning sight. I just love how the entire landscape comes alive with such rich vibrant hues in the fall.

Which Fall Pantone colors are your favorites? Share your favorite fall jewelry color trends below!

PS: Are you looking for more of my seasonal color picks? I’ve written about this before in 20222021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

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