Every year I enjoy looking at the seasonal jewelry trends to determine which are my favorites and what (if any) I should incorporate into my jewelry designs. This summer is no exception. Here are my five favorite summer jewelry trends for 2022.

Note: This isn’t the first time I’ve written about summer jewelry trends. In fact, I enjoy revisiting these trends each year. Here are my 2021 and 2020 blog posts outlining the trends from last summer.

Fringe accents

Fringe is a fun element that adds movement to any design. But it can accomplish so much more, allowing for additional colors and event added length. These may just be one reason why fringe is one of the hottest summer jewelry trends. Whether it’s a boho style or a more modern look, fringe can add a bit of fun to any necklace or earring set.

Crystal elements

I love crystals, so I’m so excited to see that one of the 2022 trends is incorporating crystals into jewelry. There’s something about the sparkle that pairs perfectly with the summer season. Whether you gravitate to silver or gold, crystals go well with both metal types.

Silver over gold

Turns out the summer of 2022 is more about silver jewelry than gold. While the golden hours of summer may speak to gold, silver can offer some coolness to offset the heat.

Incorporating the rainbow

Whether it’s gemstones in a wide array of colors or fun colorful elements, summer 2022 is about including a variety of colors into your jewelry designs. In fact, rainbows are a fun way to celebrate the colorful summer season.

Natural elements

The last trend that I’m excited about for summer 2022 is including natural elements into jewelry designs. Whether it’s raw gem slices or shells, natural elements are in for this summer. There is nothing like natural elements that offer so many options for fun jewelry design

2022 Summer jewelry trends

Which of the summer jewelry trends are you excited to wear during the warmer weather? Share your favorite trends in the comments below!

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