Every year the A-List stars descend on Los Angeles for the Oscars. What makes this night special is a mixture of fashion, design, and elegant jewelry.

While most may focus on the Oscars Red Carpet fashion, I’m here for the jewelry. Here are a few of my favorite jewelry pieces from the Oscars Red Carpet last Sunday night.

Lily James’ coiled yellow diamond necklace was divine. It also had serpent-like qualities that made this necklace unique.

Lily James 2022 Oscars

Vanessa Hudgens wore a stunning emerald and diamond jewelry set from Bulgari. I’m here for the bold green pop of color.

Vanessa Hudgens 2022 Oscars

Initially, I only saw Zendaya’s Bvlgari serpent necklace, which I thought was stunning. But the pair of necklace and bracelets make for a stunning overall look.

Zendaya 2022 Oscars

Only Kristen Stewart could pull off this stunning Chanel suit ensemble with a knock-out accent necklace from Chanel High Jewelry.

Kirsten Stewart 2022 Oscars

Jessica Chastain dazzled with these stunning silver earrings. For me, I’m of the opinion that you pick either bold earrings or a necklace, not both. Jessica proves why I hold this opinion.

Jessica Chastain 2022 Oscars

Special mention to Timothée Chalamet who wore nine different Cartier designs, including his intricate necklace and diamond rings. I love a man who is confident enough to accessorize well.

Timothee Chalamet 2022 Oscars

*Note: I did not take these photos, nor am I claiming any right to them. They were originally published at the links I included at the top of this post. 

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